We need to take care of the Earth.

If we put our energy into taking care of the earth,

we will take care of ourselves.

The Platform

The Rights of Nature

Stephen is unlike any candidate to come before him - not only does he believe in serving the people of Vermont, but he feels passionately that the Earth should be treated as any other constituent. Specifically, Stephen supports amending the Vermont Constitution to give the earth legal protection.

About Stephen Marx

Stephen has lived in Strafford, Vermont since 1978, and for all 40 years of his Vermont residency has taken initiative in his community.

Currently he serves as the Town of Strafford Health Officer and volunteers as a Fire Department Rescuer. He has also served on the Strafford Select Board. In his free time he enjoys gardening, dancing, and spending time with his daughter.

Support Stephen

Stephen is not taking donations for his campaign - especially not from corporations.

If you believe in Stephen's vision for Vermont, help spread the word about his unique campaign by informing your friends and family.

A vote for Stephen Marx is also a vote for the Earth - think about how different our planet would be if more politicians placed the condition of the environment at the forefront of their policy agenda!

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